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Anchor 72 Marine Plywood

Made for the Seas

Anchor 72 Marine Plywood

Anchor Plywood: An Inspiring Saga of Excellence

The history of mankind is the history of excellence; like the history of Anchor Plywood. The birth of the Anchor Plywood enterprise dates back to the pre-independence period; 1944, to be precise. Assuming the role of a pioneer, Anchor spearheaded the technological revolution in the Plywood and Board industry in India, to emerge as the market leader. With an outstanding range of “engineered” plywood and board products like Anchor 72 Marine Plywood, Anchor spread the cult of innovation, quality and service in the industry far and wide.

Anchor 72 Marine Plywood was introduced way back in the year 1951, to meet the rigorous specifications of the Indian Navy. Fifty-nine years later, while the Indian plywood market is witnessing a profusion of marine plywood brands, Anchor 72 Marine Plywood continues to be the number one choice of the high quality building and furniture industry in India.

Good for Land

Anchor 72 Marine Plywood


Because the going is tough.

Surviving 59 weather cycles and 59 years of borer infested tropical environment is no mean achievement. That is the Anchor 72 record!

Anchor still manufactures marine plywood as marine plywood should be. No beating around the bush. We follow IS 710:2010.

The highlights of the Anchor 72 specifications are :

Selected Hardwoods BWP Type Bonding Hot Pressing Vacuum Pressure Treatment ISI Stamp

Use of selected hardwoods imparts high strength, stiffness and impact resistance

BWP type Phenol bonding makes the plywood withstand a rigorous 72 hour boiling test.

Impregnation with fixed type preservative chemicals imparts durability against rot, termites and wood boring beetles which cause the notorious “powder phenomenon” in building interior systems.

Conforms to the rigorous stipulations and test requirements of IS 710:2010 and Carries the ISI stamp

Guarantee against borer attack is for a period of 100 YEARS. Download the written guarantee

Truly it is said that Persistence is a matter of quality and Excellence a matter of time. Anchor 72 guarantees you a hundred delightful years. Enjoy freedom from worry. No. borer; no delamination.

Anchor 72 is indeed miles ahead of its contemporaries.