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Anchor Super Decorative Plywood

A thing of beauty is a joy forever...” so sang the immortal poet John Keats. Nothing inspires the human spirit like beauty, pure, natural, and refreshing!

Anchor, the pioneers in decorative veneering, needs no introduction to the connoisseurs in the field. Among the oldest manufacturers of veneered decorative plywood in the country, Anchor has a manufacturing unit right in the very heart of Mumbai city. With an extensive range of veneered decorative plywood, the Anchor unit at Reay Road, Mumbai will fill your soul with sheer delight.

Anchor Super Decorative Plywood spells elegance, style and class. It is a magnificent fusion of beauty and durability.

Anchor Super presents an extensive range of Veneered Decorative Plywood in captivating colours and delightful grain patterns. Crafted delicately through a meticulous process of selection and matching to enhance the beauty and elegance of ornamented wood, Anchor Super Decorative Plywood gives you the ultimate choice for your interior decoration jobs!

The splendour and dignity that Anchor Decorative Plywood provides is permanent, thanks to water proof bonding, further protected with anti-borer chemicals. No delamination. No Powder menace. Anchor Super Decorative Plywood carries the ISI stamp, affirming conformity to the provisions of quality as per IS 1328:1996 (BWR Grade), the Indian Standard Specification for Veneered Decorative Plywood.


The Anchor Showroom-cum-Technical Centre at Reay Road, Mumbai

Just walk in with your clients, see an organized display of the latest collection of veneered decorative plywood, mix and match grains and colours, sit down for discussion and make the right selection for your dream interiors.of manufacture of veneered decorative plywood.

Take a tour of the factory and see the process of manufacture of veneered decorative plywood.

It is your Conference Room

Hold meetings with your clients around a conference table in cool comfort.

Interact with our technical and sales team to choose the right product and get the best deal for your client.

It is conveniently located.

The Anchor Showroom-cum-Technical Centre attached to a manufacturing unit is the first of its kind. It is centrally located and is easily approachable from Byculla as wells as Reay Road. Click here for Route map

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