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Anchor Densified Film faced Shuttering Plywood

Anchor the Pioneers

The Indian Plywood Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd, pioneers and leading manufacturers of reconstituted wood panel products in India, under the reputed Anchor brand, has over 58 years’ history of quality, service, innovation and brand leadership.

As early as in the year 1951, IPM introduced Anchor Shuttering Plywood, to cater to the rigorous requirements of the construction industry in India, involving alternate wetting and drying, high mechanical stresses, and exposure to attack by wood rotting fungi. The standards set for bonding and preservative treatment for Anchor Shuttering Plywood were very rigid. It has been a great success as durable panel material for concrete shuttering and formwork.

In the mid seventies, Anchor introduced Anchor Filmfaced Shuttering plywood, a high quality shuttering plywood overlaid with a thick, hard and smooth phenolic film, to impart superior smoothness, hardness, and imperviousness to water.

What is a densified Film-faced Plywood?

A Densified film-faced plywood is a structural panel which has a phenolic film forming its outer surfaces, and which is compressed in a hydraulic hotpress at a much higher pressure than used in the manufacture of ordinary plywood.

The phenolic film is made up of a kraft paper which is completely impregnated and reinforced with Phenol Formaldehyde synthetic resin, so as to impart impermeability to moisture, a high degree of gloss, and wear resistance. Film facing, therefore, imparts higher re-usability to the plywood, and superior smoothness to concrete.

Densification imparts to plywood higher bending strength and stiffness.

A Densified Film-faced Plywood, is thus a superior shuttering plywood which gives to concrete a clean and super smooth finish, and gives longer service.

Anchor Densified Film-faced Shuttering Plywood

Anchor Densified Film-faced Shuttering Plywood is a magnificent formwork panel material, designed to please the most fastidious users in the construction industry.

Superior Features :

A truly heavy duty engineered panel material, using the best raw materials and latest state-of-the-art technology.

Selected hardwood veneers, compressed and densified by to a consistent density of 950 to 1000 kg/Cum, impart exceptional strength and stiffness.

Boiling Waterproof type bonding system using Phenol Formaldehyde synthetic resin of high solid content imparts durability against cyclic wetting and drying during repeated uses.

Surface reinforcement with Phenolic film overlay, completely homogenized with the face veneer imparts enhanced hardness and smoothness, which gives to concrete a clean and super smooth finish.

The densification and reinforced plastic surfacing of the plywood provide higher re-usability than plain or film faced shuttering plywood of normal density.

Anchor Densified Filmfaced Shuttering Plywood has uniform strength and stiffness in the two principal directions. It gives the best results under static bending stresses, When used as a framed panel.