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Anchor Plywoods & BoardsAnchor Plywoods & BoardsAnchor Plywoods & Boards
Anchor Plywoods & BoardsAnchor Plywoods & BoardsAnchor Plywoods & Boards
Anchor Plywoods & BoardsAnchor Plywoods & BoardsAnchor Plywoods & Boards

About us

Anchor Sets New Standards123

Way back in the year 1951, IPM introduced Anchor Marine Plywood primarily to cater to the rigorous requirements of the Indian Navy. Since then it has remained India's No. 1 Marine Plywood; much envied, but never equalled. With Anchor 72 Marine Plywood carrying the first ever lifetime guarantee in the country against borer attack, Anchor brought cheers to the harried users of marine plywood.

Pioneers New Products

Back in the fifties, Anchor blazed a trail by introducing a wide range of "engineered" plywood products like Anchor shuttering plywood, Anchor Film faced Plywood, Anchor Fire Retardant Plywood and Anchor Aircraft Plywood, for use in such extensive applications as concrete shuttering and form work in building construction, in ship building, in railway coach construction, in structural parts of aircrafts, and in furniture and building interior systems.


In the early sixties, Anchor forayed into the field of particleboards and introduced, for the first time in India, an extruded type veneered particleboard called Okalboard, manufactured by a unique extrusion process developed by Otto Kriebaum of Germany. To Anchor goes the credit of popularising the use of particleboard, and of developing the world’s first flat pressed type teakwood particleboard, in three layer construction, using Phenol Formaldehyde synthetic resin.

Research : The Backbone Of Progress

In 1973, Anchor set up a full-fledged Research and Development Division with the recognition of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India. Through in-house research Anchor developed new resin formulations using certain industrial waste products, and the first ever veneered decorative plywood from reconstituted veneers using Indian commercial timbers.

Through an impressive series of illustrated technical literature, and audiovisual presentations, Anchor has created the much-needed awareness about the various factors which cause physical deterioration of wood based panel products in service and how effective protection can be imparted to them.

Conservation Of Natural Resources

In the year 1987 Anchor enthusiastically mooted a proposal to form a Joint Venture with the Karnataka State Forest Plantation Corporation for raising captive plantations, raised a plantation on 100 acres. Subsequently this plantation was handed over to the Karnataka Forest Department.

The company also raised nurseries at their factory at Dandeli and in several other places in South Kanara and supplied seedlings to the forest department. Besides, regular replantation was undertaken in the gaps created during annual extractions of timber from forests, with valuable A Class plywood timber species, using seedlings raised in the company’s nurseries.

Show Room - Cum - Factory For Exotic Decorative Veneers

The Mumbai unit of Anchor has been playing a leading role in the high quality Decorative Veneer and Plywood market in the country for over 55 years. The Anchor Super range of Veneered Decorative Plywood has now been expanded by introducing an extensive collection of exotic species in enchanting colours and pleasing grain patterns. The quality has been upgraded to make the plywood Boiling Water Resistant and borerfree.

By setting up of an elegantly designed air-conditioned Showroom-cum-Technical Centre, attached to their factory at Byculla in Mumbai, with a systematic display of the full range of decorative plywood in the Anchor Super range, with conference facilities and technical support, Anchor has responded to the growing needs of visiting architects, interior designers, contractors and plywood dealers.

The Quest For Perfection Goes On

Anchor is geared to meet the challenges of the new millennium with great ideas. The credo of Anchor is customer satisfaction. The quest for perfection, which is the hallmark of a true leader, continues to lead Anchor to greater heights. It may be stated without any exaggeration that the success story of Anchor must be a source of inspiration to the whole industry.